Eurovision Decided Our 2014 Race Destination

With our 2013 marathon/half marathon schedule all lined up, we have recently been discussing the need to decide soon which European events in 2014 to register for.

With so many events to choose from, requiring time to be taken to read through various websites, weighing up the basic stats on participant numbers, reading previous years’ race reviews, checking out course maps and assessing general travel costs, we have gotten nowhere….until last night, the night of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. (For those of you outside the EU, this is an annual song contest televised live throughout Europe, which has the reputation for being rather cheesy).

As I was cooking dinner, from next door in the living room where the song contest was on television, Dano exclaimed “Whichever country wins the Eurovision, let’s go there to do a marathon next year”. With that, the watching of the Eurovision song contest reached a new level of excitement. I had to put the spatula down.

Already halfway through the contest by the time this decision was made, we enjoyed dinner and watched the remainder of the acts. We had no clue who the front runners could be as what we would think was a really bad act, would usually be the most popular with the European voters. Based on this, initially we thought perhaps we could be heading to Romania (a very dramatic act, quite vampire-eque).

By the end of all the acts, we thought perhaps Finland, Norway, Belgium or Malta could be possible destinations. Not a bad bunch really. After a short period of viewer voting,  the results were in and we were fixed to the TV. It didn’t take long for the top three to emerge; Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Denmark (this year’s favourite). Denmark led the votes the whole time with Ukraine and  Azerbaijan vying for second place.

Eventually, Denmark reached a points differential too great for the second placed country, Azerbaijan, to catch up, and they were confirmed as the 2013 winners. Result!!

Having looked at what marathons Denmark has to offer, we have decided upon the Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon (2012 participant number 9,000), to be held in September 2014. Having been to Copenhagen before, I know it will be a beautiful route.

We had hoped that the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon, held annually in May, would also include a half marathon but these are two separate events so we have opted for the event we can both manage.

With one event now decided for 2014, what other methods will help us decide the rest?

Update – see our photos from the 2014 Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon

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