An Unintentional Rest Week

This week should have been the 6th week of Amsterdam half marathon training but I have done absolutely NO running.

It just happened to be a full on, stressful week at work which left me too tired for after work running. I know it’s said that running and exercise in general is supposed to be good for stress relief but I was just too mentally drained to think about or attempt it.

With it becoming apparent I wasn’t going to manage any running during the week, we planned to do our second Bushy Parkrun on Saturday morning. By the time Saturday came around however, we decided to take it easy and it turned into a day of much needed pampering followed by a night out with family and friends.

At least there was still Sunday to fit in a run. As it turned out, a run never eventuated but Sunday turned out to be pretty much a perfect day for Dano and I – full of brunching, strolling through Bushy Park and photographing the wild deer.

Week 7 training starts tomorrow and I’ve got my mojo back.

Picture of a deer

Bushy Park deer

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