Dano’s Two-Minute Porridge Workout

Breakfast! The most important meal of the day so they say and, in the cold winter months, a great choice to kick-start the day.

For me, milk and cereal does the trick during the summer months however, on a dark chilly morning, the last thing I want is cold milk in a bowl. This is where a good old-fashioned, quick-to-prepare bowl of warm golden syrup-flavoured porridge comes into its own.

With the porridge and milk added to a bowl it’s then a two-minute nuke in the microwave. This, I used to find, was a time for me to stand there and daydream until I heard the ping.  However, over the last several months I have been utilising my porridge countdown to better effect.  I like to call it my Two-Minute Porridge Workout.

Basically, you have two minutes to do an exercise or stretch until your porridge is ready. I like to alternate these on a daily basis.  So, the porridge is in, the timer is set and bang off you go – press-ups, sit-ups, plank, stretch, foam roller, star jumps, the list can go on. And all you have to do is wait for the microwave to ping.

Bowl of porridge

Porridge with blackberries and flaxseed

I am presently working a three-way alternating program. One day is a plank, the following day the foam roller, then, for the 3rd day, press-ups. Keeping your scores on the fridge you can then add up your times or reps.

I am now putting in 2-minute planks with ease, up to around 30 solid press ups and have ache-free legs from the foam roller, all in the knowledge that a warm bowl of porridge is the reward for my efforts.

This little two-minute program is obviously not the be all and end all of exercise however it does kill those two minutes you have daydreaming as you watch your porridge heat.

Roll on breakfast tomorrow. Does anyone else do the same?

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