Rainy Runday

Today I ventured out on my first run since the half marathon relay at Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes in France last month.

I’ve been a bit lazy on the running since November’s race but will start training in January for the Rock n Roll Madrid half marathon. Until then I plan to get out at least once a week as well as doing other training such as kettlebell which I’ve recently gotten into.

It was a slightly drizzly day in London and the temperature rather mild for December. I ran 2 km to Bushy Park, our favourite place near home to run, then did a loop from Teddington Gate down the beautiful tree-lined Chestnut Avenue to the Diana Fountain then back up the other side of the avenue.

In all, a slow but refreshing 5 km run to blow off the cobwebs, stopping to take a few photos and check out the Christmas trees for sale in the park.

Tonight, Dano’s cooking gammon AND decorating the Christmas tree so I better go help.

I’m still writing up my Amsterdam half marathon report in my spare time so hope to have that published soon, to be followed by our race report on Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes.

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