Destination Tips: Vienna

With Vienna City Marathon 2014 only one week away, we thought we would share a few tips on what to do in Vienna when not running.

Try a schaumbecher (chocolate-covered meringue in a cone) at the Expo or grab some wurst sausages at der Igel Wursterstand outside the Expo (at Messe Wien)

If the sun is out, enjoy a walk along the Danube Canal (not to be confused with the Danube River) and take in the graffiti’d walls. We walked between Friedensbrücke and Roßauer Lände U-bahn stations.

Watch the world go by while enjoying a coffee outside at Café Prückel on the Ringstraße then head across the road to the Stadtpark

See the amazing architecture along the Ringstraße (where the old city wall used to run along) on the yellow Vienna Ring tram. We got the unlimited pass and did a full loop first to suss out the sights we wanted to get off and on at.

Eat the world famous Sacher-Torte cake on the terrace at Sacher Stube (one of the Sacher Hotel cafes).

Dano’s Vienna City Marathon race report

Ro’s Vienna City Half Marathon race report

Enjoy Vienna,

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