RnR Madrid Training Run: T- Minus 21

Yesterday’s run, in preparation for this month’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid half marathon, took us out, separately, into the narrow country lanes around Dorking and to Leatherhead.

We are relatively new to the area so are trying new routes and getting used to the fact that some roads along the routes don’t always have footpaths and Ro, particularly, maps hers out beforehand on Map My Run (then sends it to her phone).

Ro’s route took her north out of Dorking to the small village of Westhumble, along a beautiful 2 km stretch among rolling hills and past the ruins of the 12th century Westhumble chapel.

Halfway along this stretch the elevation rose gradually until after turning the corner, it raised dramatically at about the 5 km mark.


I ran as much as possible up the 2 km incline occasionally stopping for a few seconds at a time ‘to regulate‘.

The area was amongst woods and there was hardly any passing traffic. Reaching the top of the hill, the route continued on along the wonderfully flat North Downs Way and past St Barnabas church.

Finishing on the North Downs Way, it was a 1.5 km decline down Ranmore Rd back to Dorking. I felt really strong after the uphill stretch so maybe the hills around Dorking are a blessing in disguise! 10 km completed in 1:13 which I was pleased with considering the hills.

Dano’s run, his first long run since Tokyo Marathon and since his foot infection healed, took him on a 18.65 km Dorking to Leatherhead loop (completed in 1:33).

He found it quite tough going after being out of running action for a couple of weeks due to the foot and made him realise just how quickly you can lose your fitness after a bit of rest.

We are hoping to get back out into the country lanes again next weekend. Until then we’ll be sticking to the main roads.


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