RnR Madrid Training Run: T- Minus 15

I headed out for my weekend training run with another new route mapped out. This time I headed east out of town to begin my 13.25 km route.  I was looking for a flatter route than last weekend’s to mirror more the Madrid course.

It was a 3 km straight stretch until my first turn, into the village of Brockham, about 1 km before which I hit the first incline, although easy compared to last week’s. It was also at this point that I lost the GPS signal on my watch so instead of stopping to faff around to regain the signal I decided to run without it.

Into Brockham, it was a 2.5 km dead flat road and the early evening sun was streaming right into my face. Past Brockham into the smaller Strood Green, I was on the look out for the first lane (small narrow country road for non-UK readers) of a series of five lanes I was to follow to get me home.

To help me remember the names of the lanes to turn down I had used the sophisticated method of writing the names on my hand but the pen wasn’t the best so I resorted to remembering the five letters each started which was simple.

The first lane early on changed from tarmac to about 100 metres of muddy crap-stenching puddles but I got through it carefully, not wanting to turn and run back the way I had just come from. Through the other side I connected up to the next lane with no problem.

The lanes were mostly flat with one or two short-lived inclines and enclaved by rolling green hills or woodland there on after. For a recent ex-Londoner I can’t get enough of this! I even spotted a pheasant and a one-eyed black cat along the way.

Upon reaching the end of the last lane I headed home hitting a couple of steep but relatively short inclines and a nice 1.5 km downhill. 13.2 km done is an estimated 1:30.


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