One For Our 2015 Race Wishlist?

Happy Easter everyone.  We hope you’ve been enjoying the long weekend as much as we’ve been. We may have found the first races to go onto our 2015 race wishlist today; three alpine events which form the 33M-Cup.

The 33M-Cup is made up of LGT Alpin Marathon (Liechtenstein), Zermatt Marathon (Switzerland) and Allgäu Panoramic Marathon (Germany), all of which are stand alone races held in June, July and August each year, but if all run in the same year qualify you for the 33M-Cup. 

Each event offers an alternative to the full marathon distance, if preferred. The Liechtenstein race offers a marathon share for two (25 km and 17 km), and Zermatt and Allgäu both offer a half marathon and ultramarathon.

Looking at each of the race websites, the scenery looks amazing and scenery is always high on our criteria when choosing races.

Luckily, we have a lot of hills around our way and lots of races lined up in 2014 so if we put plenty of hill training in this year, alpine running could just be a possibility in 2015.

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