Isle of Wight Half Marathon: Return to the Beast

2012 was my first experience of the Isle of Wight Half Marathon and on completing it then I vowed that I would not return due to the relentless undulating course. Two years on and I found myself at the start line again.


This time around it was more of a personal challenge to see if I had improved in fitness, strength and pace. Time-wise I was not planning on anything other than to maybe nick a minute or two off my 2012 time of 1:52.

With a much more supported event across the whole course and on a less warm day than my last visit I ended up running a stronger race, feeling more in control and much stronger especially across the neverending hills, finishing in a time of 1:41 on the watch. My second fastest ever half marathon race time.

An improved medal to boot and with good support this is a race I challenge people to tick off their list.

All in all a great small event with a cracking atmosphere.  I will be back again.

Result Current PB
01:41:19 01:37:12

Runner on finish line


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