Wet ‘n’ Wienered in Copenhagen

Day one in Copenhagen has been our most testing first day out of our marathon weekends to date, starting with Ro leaving her camera bag (with camera and bank cards inside) on the plane. However, there were some small silver linings as the day wore on.

As soon as we got to our hotel the realisation dawned and we were back at Copenhagen Airport within 30 minutes chasing lost property. It’s not turned up yet but we’re hoping it will turn up by Monday.

Back in central Copenhagen and it was bucketing down. It wasn’t looking good for tomorrow and still isn’t. The face below says it all.


This face is not impressed with the weather

After checking into our hotel we stepped back into the rain to the bus stop via the nearby 7-11. We ate the biggest yummiest wieners on the way to the bus stop. After waiting 30 minutes for the bus in the rain however, we jumped a cab instead.


The first impression of the Expo wasn’t the best as we entered via a part flooded tent however the registration, in the tent, was a breeze and we were soon in a sports hall which housed the Expo.

It was a small Expo with some decent stands and friendly people. We started at the Ron Hill stall where we chatted with the really friendly Manc sales guy who we had met previously at the Running Show in London.

Ro was on the look out for a post-race jacket as she had stupidly forgotten to bring any gear to keep warm. She got a deal on a New Balance jacket, only £20, and also picked up an Ultimate Direction belt.

Other stalls of interest were Nike, SiS, Brooks, Marathon Store and CEP. There was also an irresistible smoothie stall, Vita Protein, where we finished the Expo off at with a protein-packed smoothie.

We’ve ended the evening on a high with Mexican in bed. We’re looking forward to running in Copenhagen tomorrow and hoping for no rain!



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