Destination Tips: Seville

We think Seville has the most ‘Spanish feel’ to other Spanish cities we have visited (Madrid, Barcelona) and in February (marathon month) has a fragrant smell of oranges as the orange season is coming to an end.

Alameda de Hercules, north of the historic centre, is a huge 16th century garden square (the oldest public garden in Europe) flanked with Roman columns and is where we based ourselves during our time in Seville.  The square is surrounded by cafes and tapas bars and has a cool, casual vibe in the evenings. We visited Al Aljibe Tapas almost every day because the food was so good – tapas with a tasty twist.

Seville’s historic centre is home to amazing Moorish architecture such as Seville Cathedral (and its Giralda bell tower) and Real Alcazar (royal palace). The cute, narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood nearby is a good place to have a wander.

For some pre-race meditation, head to the gorgeous gardens of the Real Alcazar palace. As well as the gardens with their lovely water features and copious orange trees, the Moorish tiles on the walls inside the palace are also a beautiful sight.

Plaza de España is an impressive renaissance building within Parque Maria Luisa, built for an exposition, which the marathon course passes through. We hired a bike for two from in the park and cruised around the park.

We decided it would be cool to find a rooftop bar for an evening drink and found quite a lot of options online. We headed to La Terraza de EME, a rooftop bar of a hotel, where we sat directly opposite Seville Cathedral lit up with lights, with bells ringing.

On our last day we discovered an amazing HUGE wooden structure, Metropol Parasol, which, for a small fee, you can catch an elevator up to the top and walk around with great views of the city. Highly recommend it for the views and the sheer novelty of such a structure.

Enjoy Seville!

Our Seville Marathon race report

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