Welcome to our running blog. We are a Brit/Kiwi couple (Ro and Dano), based in Surrey, UK, who combine our love of running (road and trail) and travelling to race 21.1 km (her) and 42.2 km (him) around Europe and beyond.  We hope our blog inspires readers to run, travel or both! Read about each of us below.

5 km 10 km Half Marathon Marathon
00:22:48 (Bushy Park Parkrun) 00:45:04 (Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool) 01:37:12 (Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool) 03:32:42 (Tokyo)

Montjuic, Barcelona

Running. Why do I love it so much and more importantly, why did it take me so long to realise?

A fairly fit forty-something year old, now looking at the next European marathon getaway instead of the lives of overpaid, pampered footballers, was not ever a sentence associated with me, until recently.

Growing up as a football nut, watching and playing from school to semi-pro level, running always seemed a dull form of sport and keeping fit. The Olympics was the only time I took notice.  However, there was one event which did grab my attention as I got older, the London Marathon.

Playing football became a past-time due to teams folding, friends moving on and having families, so an individual sport seemed more appropriate.  Not built for speed, an endurance event was the perfect replacement and so my quest to get on the start line at Greenwich Park began.

For the next few years I applied unsuccessfully but as we know the London Marathon is a lottery. After running the Asics British 10K in London in 2008, my first ever organised run, I applied once more for London and this time, through a charity, was successful.  I was now part of the world’s greatest marathon.

Running is now my sport; the training, nutrition, and apparel are now a major part of my life. How can travel, keeping fit and meeting people on race days, all experiencing the pain, emotion and celebration of nailing the big 26.2  not get you addicted?

The rest, as they say, is history and as you will read within the Run Dabblers blog I am now well on my way to running around the world.

5 km 10 km Half Marathon
00:30:15 (Bushy Park Parkrun) 01:01:27 (Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool) 02:11:52 (Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool)

Runner at expo

I have been worn down. Worn down by Dano’s incessant running chatter, to the point of completing my first half marathon in 2013 (and 6 more since). All in the hope for respite from Dano’s promotion of the awesomeness of running.

Actually, that is absolutely not true. I have been inspired. Inspired by Dano’s passion for running, his commitment to training, and his achievements at various running events participated in over the last couple of years, at which I have been his number one supporter.

My own athletic experiences have been sporadic. From being a reasonably competent school level athlete, to dabbling with a hockey stick and some kickboxing gloves, to spending my adult life questing for the ideal physical activity to hold my attention long enough to see some benefit, I am now realising that running isn’t too bad.

Prior to completing my first half marathon I had only competed in one 5 km run through Hyde Park, London in 2009 and ran on and off (more off) in the streets around home.

Inspired by Dano at Berlin Marathon, in late 2012 I registered for the Vienna City Marathon half marathon, to share in Dano’s enthusiasm for competing and experience the race day buzz for myself and more importantly, to become as fit as possible. I completed this in April 2013 in 2:31. Since then, I have achieved a PB of 2:11 in Liverpool.

Going forward my aim is to work on my general fitness to improve my half marathon time and venture into trail running.

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