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Trails and Tribulations on the South Downs

Fourth marathon of 2017 and another visit to the cross-country trails, a maiden run at the South Downs Trail Marathon.  As with my previous three runs, one being an ultra, I was expecting another tough course however this time it was made harder being one of the hottest days of the year and, unknown to…

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Seville Marathon: No Rain in Spain & Trainer Pain

My third race in Spain, previous being Barcelona Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid, and it was back to the marathon. It was my first time to Seville and I was anticipating a flat course. Everything was seemingly in place for a good race despite my niggling hamstring injury.

Seville Marathon Training

With the last race of 2014 done and dusted in November, my thoughts for training in 2015 (and first race of the year, Seville) were already forming. How was I going to strengthen and cross-train, increasing frequency of both, and what areas could I improve in? I was still chasing a sub 3:30 marathon.