Runners inside Amsterdam Olympic stadium

Amsterdam Marathon: An Olympic Stadium Finish

Marathon number five and my third for 2013 took me to the Netherlands and the IAAF Gold Label rated TCS Amsterdam Marathon. It had been six months since my last full marathon, Vienna City Marathon, so I was a little nervous and unsure of how my body would cope with another 26.2 miles.

Berlin Marathon: My First European

With the ultimate aim of completing all six World Marathon Majors, after completing Virgin London Marathon 2011, Berlin 2012 was next in my plan. With Berlin being only a couple of hours away and a city I had visited before, albeit for a less-than-healthy stag do, this was the perfect place to tick WMM number two off…

Finish line

Vienna City Marathon: Ohhhh Vienna

If you are looking for a cultural city in Europe which delivers a good, all round non-major marathon then you can’t go wrong with the Vienna City Marathon (VCM).  On arrival, you will immediately notice the classical culture and history this fine city brings, from the architecture, to the Danube River, to the trams, there…

Barcelona Marathon

The Barcelona Marathon is a deceivingly hilly course with some long inclines and was the third marathon in my fledgling running career and the first of a back-to-back personal challenge inside 28 days (Vienna City Marathon was to follow).