Runner and scenery

Winter Running Round-Up

It’s been a couple of months since we last blogged so here is a winter running round-up of activity since our last race in November, from sparkly new kit, Seville Marathon training, trail running in New Zealand and the UK, and trying our ‘legs’ at Turbo Training.

Trail runner

First Trail Run & Lessons Learnt

Yesterday we ventured into the Surrey Hills for our first trail run which saw us 90% gushing about the scenery and 10% being lost. We both loved it and are going to make it a regular thing but it got us thinking about how we should better prepare ourselves for trail running.

Runner on beach

Running Together

Today was a rare occasion that Dano and I ran together and, in doing so, I ran an unofficial 10 km PB of 1:01. It’s got us thinking that running together once a week might not be a bad idea.

Picture of a runner's shoe

Injury Two Weeks Before Race

After a few weeks off from running despite Amsterdam Half Marathon being this month, I was just getting back into regular running when this morning I kicked my toe against a wall and now have a suspected broken little toe. It is swollen, painful and I can’t put any pressure on it.