Runner on beach

Running Together

Today was a rare occasion that Dano and I ran together and, in doing so, I ran an unofficial 10 km PB of 1:01. It’s got us thinking that running together once a week might not be a bad idea.


RnR Madrid Training Run: T- Minus 15

I headed out for my weekend training run with another new route mapped out. This time I headed east out of town to begin my 13.25 km route.  I was looking for a flatter route than last weekend’s to mirror more the Madrid course.

Runner in the park

When Workouts Fall By The Wayside

Immediately after my first half marathon in April, I had a plan to work out three times per week, throwing in a 10 km run on one of these days, with a goal to lose weight and tone up before starting to train for the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon in October. In reality, and despite…