Seville Marathon Training

With the last race of 2014 done and dusted in November, my thoughts for training in 2015 (and first race of the year, Seville) were already forming. How was I going to strengthen and cross-train, increasing frequency of both, and what areas could I improve in? I was still chasing a sub 3:30 marathon.

Runner on beach

Running Together

Today was a rare occasion that Dano and I ran together and, in doing so, I ran an unofficial 10 km PB of 1:01. It’s got us thinking that running together once a week might not be a bad idea.


RnR Madrid Training Run: T- Minus 15

I headed out for my weekend training run with another new route mapped out. This time I headed east out of town to begin my 13.25 km route.  I was looking for a flatter route than last weekend’s to mirror more the Madrid course.

Runner in the park

When Workouts Fall By The Wayside

Immediately after my first half marathon in April, I had a plan to work out three times per week, throwing in a 10 km run on one of these days, with a goal to lose weight and tone up before starting to train for the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon in October. In reality, and despite…